Jake + Audrey | Intimate Mount Hood Wedding

Ya know, I never deliver THIS many Sneak Peeks to a client, or blog so quickly after a wedding, but Jake and Audrey’s nuptials at the Silcox Hut were just too freaking perfect that I got a little carried away. #sorrynotsorry

So if you didn’t catch the post from their engagement session, these two are basically a modern day fairy tale of star-crossed lovers that defied the odds to be together (NO SERIOUSLY). Their story begins with Audrey living in London and Jake living in Vancouver, WA. They talked on the phone and Facetime daily, and over the course of a year their feelings for each other grew into love. That year sparked the exciting and risky decision for Audrey to try and move to America so they could be closer and give their relationship the chance to thrive in person. She was able to get a job as an Au Pair for a family in San Francisco, and the two made plans to visit each other at least twice a month. They spent the holidays together with his family, and this past June he proposed and she moved to Vancouver permanently.

If that wasn’t cute enough, you’d have to hang out with them in person to truly appreciate their love for each other and the natural chemistry they have together. A photographer’s DREAM. You hardly see laughter and smiles as sincere, and it really gives ya all the good feels. Anyways! I was ecstatic to be asked to shoot their intimate wedding in Mount Hood with their closest family and although we only had a few hours to together, I think we captured some incredibly moving moments. Here are some highlights. :)

xoxo Asia