Victoria + Tanner | Portland In-Home Session

VIC AND TAN. I met these two about seven months back during a night out with some friends. I remember thinking “What an attractive, dope-looking couple.” Little edgy, very Portland and they were native to my hometown of Sacramento! We needed to be friends. Turns out they were just as cool as they looked AND they came with the most precious goldendoodle PUPPYYYYYYYY in tow. Honestly, I sort of forgot they existed every time that baby was in the room. Nowadays, baby Mabel is a bit bigger but every bit as precious  and these newlyweds are moving back to CALIFORNIA!! So we obviously needed to squeeze in a session before I moved back myself, and we decided on a lifestyle session that would incorporate their home in Portland.

Also on a completely random and unrelated note, Victoria has a knack for making some of the most perfect ceramics I’ve ever seen and Tanner decorated this entire place himself and I’m pretty sure I need him to re-design my entire life. I still hope to be as cool as them when I grow up.

ANYWAYS. Photos. Hope you like these highlights! <3